August 2014

Finally doing something about this place. First, cleaning up. There are a lot of pages just sitting here, doing nothing but collect dust. I doubt anyone is really interested in them any more, if they ever were. The forums I visited do not excist anymore. SO, they will be gone. Some of the dolls they contained will maybe find a new home on other pages, I don't know yet.

I'm not sure what to do for layout. I do like this one, I've used it for many years. I have worked at it for a few days now, but I have some difficulty concentrating. I have forgotten so much about to HTML/CSS its not funny. For now, I'm working through the pages, cleaning up where needed, making things simpler for myself. I have a long way to go. Also, thinking about some new bases. I think that would be quite fun. AND kinda sorta working on a new dollmaker...Don't know how that will go yet.

Suggestions? Comments? Use the C-box on the Contact page or visit Cookies R Us forum. There is a place to post about dolls/computer graphics for those who feel like it. I'd love to get some feedback, as I feel very out of sync with the doll community, if there is still such a thing.
Enjoy your stay!